CSUR committees guide the Board in its decision-making, and address particular needs and issues within the Society and unconventional gas industry. All committees are manned by member volunteers. CSUR members who would like to volunteer for a committee should contact the committee chair.

For more information, please contact CSUR at or call (403) 233-9298

Governance Committee

This committee oversees the governance of the Society, including: monitoring and amending the bylaws; producing the Annual Report; and recruiting for the Board of Directors

Bill Whitelaw

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee's purpose is to facilitate the transfer of technical knowledge concerning unconventional resources and, in doing so, contribute to fulfilling the mission of CSUR. The committee helps to develop, organize, and implement CSUR technical events, lunches and workshops.

David Langille & Krista Kaert

Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee is focused on providing technical input to CSUR, relative to our relationships with provincial and regulatory agencies and Energy ministries across Canada. This Committee/activity fosters a transparent environment for unconventional resource exploration and development.

Catherine Hiscocks & Tyler Tarnoczi

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for helping identify and develop initiatives to promote and increase industry and public awareness, understanding and, where appropriate, acceptance of the unconventional hydrocarbon resource industry.

Marise Auffray