EVENT: Thursday, June 8, 2017 - Calgary Petroleum Club, the Devonian Room

CSUR is proud to present the second installment of the 2017 Breakfast Series.  Following on the success of our Members' Only Technical Luncheons, this early morning breakfast Industry-Government event is a unique opportunity for representatives of both sectors to meet and discuss key and timely initiatives in our industry.

DETAILSHydrocarbon Movement in Unconventional Petroleum Systems: Generation, Migration and Production Considerations with Examples from the WCSB Montney, Doig and Duvernay Formations.

GeoMark Speakers will address the movement of generated hydrocarbons from a thermally maturing source rock along carrier beds to more porous and permeable reservoir facies which have been observed for decades. More recently, the nature of fluid movement within and external to source-rock reservoirs has been investigated by us and other colleagues through advances in organic geochemical laboratory and interpretation methods and the availability of rock, oil and gas samples from laterals drilled within the reservoirs (Curiale and Curtis, 2016; Zumberge et al., 2016).  Stable carbon isotope, biomarker (geochemical fossils) and alkyl aromatic analyses of produced oils and bitumen extracts have been combined with source-rock TOC and pyrolysis data to better characterize generation and migration within unconventional petroleum systems.

It will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2017 at the Calgary Petroleum Club (The Devonian Room).


Contact: Cynthia Lamont at: clamont@csur.com

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